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Hypnosis is helpful for issues that seem to reside beyond the conscious. You can expect to feel very relaxed and have insights before, during and after sessions.
Reiki is a transfer of focused energy by an intuitive that has trained in helping you to release stress and become centered without using dugrs or alcohol. Can also provide insight.
Psychic Mediumship
Mediumship is the practice of helping your Loved ones or Guides in the Spirit World communicate with you. You can expect to create an intention and be offered information to verify...

Loyal Customer's Feedback

Kate F.
"I have been meeting with Kristine on Zoom now for several weeks for past life regression therapy. Kristine is a phenomenal spiritual counselor and has a strong interest in the whole process. You can really feel her excitement and joy, which makes me feel very safe and comfortable sharing and allowing deep, personal feelings to come... Read More
Martin Remier
Thank you for everything! I definitely noticed a HUGE difference after using that Murphy's Magic CBD Lotion. Any achy sore muscle strains and pains are relieved pretty quickly with this beauty. I just rub it in and move my arm around a little to see if its enough, if not i put a little bit more on and rub it in good, just like the directions say. Works like a charm.
Elie S.
"My husband and I are very pleased doing just 1 treatment of hypnosis and quit smoking after 40 years. Not to mention our health will be better and so will our wallet. Hypnosis already paid for itself after 1 week of being smoke free. Would definitely recommend to anyone who's ready to quit smoking. "
Sonia Wesson
Share Beauty is a top tier beauty brand. They have luxurious products, everything smells divine! They have me using the whole set now, my skin can be dry and I use the Aloe Soap so I don't need to use as much lotion as I did before because my skin is so moisturized-my skin holds fragrance better and the tightening and brightening line... Read More
John Breck
I love that I can use the lotion and know that its safe for me and my family. Thers's a bunch of organic ingredients, so less chance of contamination with any pesticides. Alot of people forget that whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed and chemicals are not good for you because many have been proven to cause cancer and other conditions. I feel safe with all of these products and feel safe using them on my kids.

The Origin of Share Beauty and Joy

Hey there! I’m Kristine Sliwa, a Taurus who feels utterly naked without a dash of fragrance. But my journey into the world of holistic healing began with a much more serious note. It all started when my mom was diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease. Turns out, her liver was crying "uncle" after years of handling over-the-counter pain meds like Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Seeing her struggle with chronic pain was tough, but my brother had a bright idea: why not try something different, like CBD? Soon enough, we whipped up a CBD lotion that could be applied directly to her sore spots. The results? Pure magic! Mom's muscles relaxed, and she felt better. The word spread like wildfire, and soon other family members were slathering it on for Neuropathy, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Tendinitis—you name it. Encouraged by our success, we expanded into other products, always sticking to our roots: organic ingredients wherever possible, scientifically backed benefits, and scents that are just to die for. Did I mention I’m a Taurus? We Tauruses live for luxury, and I can’t resist a good fragrance ;) Passionate about helping others navigate stress and find their true selves, I specialize in working with folks who’ve experienced trauma, are grappling with grief, or are battling work-related stress and life-purpose questions. Oh, and I’ve got a knack for helping people kick those pesky addictions to the curb. My approach? It’s all about valuing yourself and your feelings, and tapping into your inner knowingness and strength. With 20 years of experience in understanding human personality and connection, I’m here to guide you on your journey to self-discovery and healing. I hold an advanced degree in Psychology from The University of Massachusetts and have a collection of certifications that would make any wellness enthusiast jealous: Abundance Therapy, Christie Marie Sheldon, Mindvalley Mediumship Certification, James Van Praagh Past-Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Certification, The Edgar Cayce foundation, A.R.E. Shamanism Certification, Peruvian Shaman Fredy Quispe Spiritual Facilitator Training, Kim Lazich Usui Reiki Master, Libby Barnett, MSW Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Certification, Candace Craw Goldman Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Certification, Delores Cannon Trance Healing Certification, The Spiritualists' National Union Trance Mediumship Certification, The Spiritualists' National Union Sound Healing Certification, David Gibson, The Sound Healing Institute, San Diego, CA Trauma-informed Therapy Certification with Bessel Van der Kolk, PESI Internal Family Systems Certification, PESI I firmly believe that stress is your body’s way of sending you an SOS. Together, we’ll decode those signals, helping you overcome and be liberated from whatever has been holding you back or overwhelming you. Ready to start your journey to a more meaningful and joy-filled life? Let’s get started

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